School Forms

The following completed forms are required to be submitted by Parents before the child attends the school. Copies of the forms can be downloaed from this page, and also in the green folder you received during your visit. Please prepare them in advance since the Health forms need a visit to the child's doctor. These forms are required to meet MSDE Office of Childcare regulations by all pre-schools and child care facilities. Please note that the Public school forms (MCPS/FCPS) or older versions of the forms that the doctors office may have are not accepted. If you are moving from out-of-state, it may be easier to have these forms filled-in by your doctors office before the move.
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  1. Health Inventory Form

    Note: Page 3 of the Health Inventory Form, Blood Lead Test Certificate (the form below) and Immunization form (the form below) need to be filled in by your child's Doctors office. Parents, Please fill-in the Page 2 of Health Inventory Form which gives us information about allergies and medical conditions etc. If we have to administer any Medication either the OTC (Over the counter) medication or Prescription (such as Epipen for Allergies), the different Medication Administration Forms are required from the Doctors office. Please check with us to Email you the correct MD Office of Childcare/MDH forms.

  2. Blood Lead Test Certificate

    Needed for all the children. Testing is normally done at 1-year wellness check and again at 2-year wellness check. Needs to be signed and sealed by Doctor's office.

  3. Immunization Form

    Needs to be signed and sealed by Doctor's office. If the Doctors' office has a computer generated Immunization records from their system, it can be attached as well.

  4. Emergency contact Form

    Please fill-in all the details in Page 1, including your child's Doctors office details and atleast one Alternate contact details in case parents can not be reached. Kindly remember to sign at the bottom of Page 1. Please fill-in backside of the Form, if there are any medical conditions and allergies. Current parents need to update our records annually and sign it at the bottom of Page 1

  5. All About My Child Form

    Helps us to get more information about your child.

  6. You can scan and Email all the forms. Please make sure both the sides of a page are scanned and the details are clearly readable. We however prefer original paper work (and we need to keep in the file for Childcare office).