Kindergarten Program

kindergarten classroom img
  • GVMS offers a kindergarten program validated by MSDE
  • Child needs to be 5 years of age by September 1st.
  • Morning- Mixed age group. Afternoon- Separate Kindergarten children group with appropriate activities.
  • Enrichment with Spanish and Mandarin Specials.
  • Field trips related to their unit.

Kindergarten Montessori in a nutshell…

  • Based on self-direction, non-competitive and co-operative activities that help a child develop
  • A Strong self-image and confidence to face challenges with optimism.
  • Children are problem solvers and are encouraged to make appropriate choices, manage their time and work well with peers
  • The child benefits more if he/she continues working with the Montessori materials to complete the three year cycle
  • The Child gets a very strong foundation in these “basics”. There are also science, geography, Social, art and large motor activities.
  • They will continue to reinforce the valuable learning habits like self-discipline, concentration sense of order creative self-expression and love for learning in a nurturing environment