Meet Our Staff

Room#1 (Pre-Primary, Age 2-3): Ms. Jamie, Ms. Jannatul
Room#2 (Pre-Primay, Age 2-3): Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Sirisha, Ms. Sumi
Room#3 (Primary, Kindergarten Age 2-6): Ms. Sarwat, Ms. Naga, Ms. Sangi, Ms. Kate
Room#4 (Primary, Age 2-5): Ms. Angela, Ms. Shani, Ms. Amanda
Room#5 (Primary, Age 2-5): Ms. Michelle, Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Katelynn
Before Care Program: Ms. Naga, Ms. Jannatul, Ms. Angela
After care Enrichment Program: Ms. Hannah, Ms. Kate, Ms. Katelynn, Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Mahnoor, Ms. Shani, Ms. Jamie
Office Manager: Ms. Alka
Director: Ms. Sangi

Ms. Sangi

Ms Sangi Picture

Ms. Sangi is the owner/director of our school. Prior to opening GVMS, she owned and operated Urbana Montessori, a small Montessori school in the Villages of Urbana. She began teaching at Urbana Montessori in 2007 and has dreamed for years to operate a bigger Montessori school; hence "Green Valley Montessori" was born. Prior to 2007 she was a teacher in a private Montessori school. Ms. Sangi has a Masters Degree in Communications and English as well as her Montessori certification in Early Childhood Education from AMS (American Montessori Society). Both her daughters went to Montessori preschools and realized the importance of the Montessori method of learning in Early Childhood Education.

Ms. Angela

Ms. Angela Picture

Ms. Angela Papillo graduated from the University of Maryland with a master's degree in Sociology. She earned her Early Childhood Montessori Certification from the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies, Silver Spring, MD. Ms. Angela joined the Green Valley staff in August of 2013. She resides in Urbana, Maryland with her husband and children. Ms. Angela enjoys running and other outdoor activities.

Ms. Michelle

Ms. Michelle Picture

Ms. Michelle is the Lead Montessori Teacher in Primary Room 5. She worked in various Montessori schools in Montgomery county for 5 years as a Lead teacher before joining GVMS in 2014. In addition to her Montessori credentials(AMS) she has BA in English as well as MBA in Marketing. She worked for a Telecommunication company in various management roles for several years before changing her career path to the field of Education when her children attended Montessori schools. Ms. Michelle has Montessori certification in Early Childhood Education(AMS) from Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies (Barrie School).

Ms. Jamie

Ms. Jamie Picture

Ms. Jamie is the Lead Pre-Primary teacher for Room 1. She has a decade of experience in the Montessori Method of Education. Previously she worked at Primary Montessori in Rockville, MD and has also worked at traditional preschools in the area. She joined GVMS in 2012 and was ecstatic to come back to the Montessori Method of education.

Ms. Lorraine

Ms. Lorraine Picture

Ms. Lorraine is the Lead Pre-Primary teacher for Room 2. She started in GVMS in 2015. She is Lead teacher in another Montessori school in the Toddler program for over 10 years. She will be teaching Spanish in Pre-Primary rooms.

Ms. Naga

Ms. Naga is an Assistant Teacher in Primary room 3 who is currently working on her Montessori certification on Early childhood with AMS (American Montessori Society. She started in GVMS in 2015, and has work experience volunteering in Elementary school. She has Masters degree in computers.

Ms. Elizabeth

Our Assistant Teacher in Primary room 5, and she worked in montessori schools in Montgomery county and ran a family daycare before joining GVMS in 2016.

Ms. Katelynn

Ms. Katelynn Picture

Our Assistant Teacher in Primary Room 5, and started in GVMS in 2015. She worked in other Montessori schools and childcare centers for over 6 years in Montgomery county before joining GVMS.

Ms. Kate

Ms. Kate Picture

Our Assistant teacher in Room 5, also take care After care program. She worked in another Montessori school for over 10 years before starting at GVMS in 2014.

Ms. Hannah

Our After care Teacher and coordinator with over 17 years of experience in other preschools, before starting at GVMS in 2014.

Ms. Alka

Ms. Alka Picture

Ms. Alka is our Office Manager who takes care of all administrative duties at the Front Desk. She has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and was an IT recruiter before joining GVMS in 2013. Ms. Alka lives in Villages of Urbana with her family and both her boys attended GVMS before going to Centerville Elem. school.